Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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Solutions – Open sack filling

Fill open sacks with heavy, bulky materials, then palletise for maximum efficiency, and improved health and safety.

PACE open sack filling solutions employ a combination of Yaskawa Motoman articulated arm robots and custom-designed mechanical handling equipment to present open sacks to a filling machine.

Paper, polythene or polypropylene sacks

PACE systems handle any size and type of pre-made sack – paper, polythene, polypropylene – and, depending on your business requirements, opening can be performed mechanically, using pneumatics or vacuum equipment, or by hand. Once filled, the sack can be presented to a stitcher or sealer. The PACE solution can also incorporate a palletiser.

Safety first

PACE systems are ergonomically designed to work alongside your workforce, fitted with approved safety guards and with detectors that shut down the machinery if anything accidentally enters the cell. In a PACE open sack filling solution, robots and mechanical equipment do the heavy work, bagging bulky materials such as potatoes, composts and aggregates with maximum efficiency, and with improved health and safety.

Sack placer and complete bag control system video

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