Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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Solutions – Palletising

Palletise heavy, bulky materials with one hundred percent efficiency, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

PACE palletising solutions integrate cutting-edge Yaskawa Motoman robots with branded mechanical handling equipment and custom-designed machinery to produce reliable, easy-to-use palletising systems.

Safety for your workforce

PACE solutions are designed to fit your existing premises, and to complement your existing practises. To ensure the safety of your workforce, we surround the robot cell with a steel mesh cage, and fit the entrances and exits with light guard protection – a curtain of sensors that detect motion and immediately shut down the machinery if anyone enters the cell. In addition, we can install pressure pads in the floor to detect approach of a forklift, and trigger the appropriate response.

No supervision, no breaks 24/7

PACE robotic solutions increase your productivity by working harder and longer, running up to 24/7 without any reduction in performance, and with no need for supervision or breaks. Whilst the PACE system does the heavy lifting, your workforce is freed up to concentrate on tasks that require human skill and judgement. The result is a system that lifts and palletises sacks of heavy, bulky materials, such as animal feed, fertilizers, potatoes, straw and chaff, composts and aggregates, with maximum efficiency and improved health and safety.

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