Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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Solutions – Pick and place

Pick and place with consistent accuracy, from small, fragile, irregularly-shaped food items to large, heavy industrial components.

PACE pick and place solutions incorporate sophisticated Yaskawa Motoman delta robots, fitted with specialised end effectors, and controlled with customised programming, to grasp, lift, position and place items precisely whether they’re putting chocolates in a plastic tray, or bottles in a crate, or moving metal parts from one machine tool to another.

Pick and place robot systems fill containers efficiently with no damage

PACE pick and place robots use highly-controllable grippers to pick up irregular, delicate items like foodstuffs, and vacuum units to hold smooth, hard-to-grasp objects, and packaged items like bags of crisps. When placing, they can detect the target, and adjust position and speed to ensure that items are placed without damage, and that containers are filled efficiently.

Pick and place systems from PACE – maximum throughput, minimum footprint.

PACE pick and place solutions are designed to fit your existing premises, and incorporate approved fencing and safety guards, so that they can be deployed alongside your workforce to achieve maximum throughput with a minimal footprint.

Pick and place robot video gallery

The Motoman MH5LS/MH5LF ‘Pick and Place’ Robot in packaging application

Motoman Robot ES200 picking and placing blocks

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