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4 Axis Robot makes light work of liquid fertilizer cartons

The new MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot excels in the application of palletizing cartons of liquid fertilizer in various size cartons.

MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot

MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot

All programming is through a touch screen display and the vacuum suction head makes easy work of different configurations of carton layers on the pallet. The gripper head has a slip sheet application fitted with distance finder sensor. The MOTOMAN robot is able to achieve up to 15 moves per minute if required.

6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for sand and gravel sacks

PACE Mechanical Handling recently replaced old ABB M94 robots for a new Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for palletizing sacks of sand and gravel.

PACE Mechanical Handling's new Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for palletizing sacks of sand and gravel.
Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot for sand and gravel palletising

More pack sizes, easier control

The company’s MD commented “Replacing the old robot was the best thing we could do, as the number of different size packs have increased over the years and the old robot could not keep up with the amount of bags we now pack. The larger touch screen gives us easy program changes and makes the new MOTOMAN a more user friendly robot system”.

Quick installation

“We are delighted as Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd installed and programmed the new robot within a week of delivery”.


The MOTOMAN MPK2 is a five-axis, high-speed robot that is particularly suitable in the following areas: order-picking, high-speed handling, picking-packingpalletizing and many other handling applications.

With its Wash-Down paintwork, the MPK2 has been developed especially for use in the food industry and in environments with strict cleanliness requirements. Thanks to its compact and streamlined design, the robot can operate even in confined workspaces. The hollow-wrist design of the MPK2 allows integrated supply lines for energy, fluids and air – all the way from the robot base to the tool.

This high-speed robot, with a payload of 2 kg, is characterized by its very high velocity and acceleration. With a maximum of 133 cycles/minute, this robot combines performance and reliability in all handling applications.

MOTOMAN MPK2 pick and place robot

The MOTOMAN MPK2 in action

Key benefits

  • Robot with ”wash-downpainting“ (robot and wrist) for special cleanroom applications
  • Space saving with minimal footprint
  • High-speed robot for increased productivity, up to 133 picks/minute
  • Hollow wrist with through-the-arm cabling reduces interference, maintenance and facilitates programming
  • Optional vision and conveyor tracking

Technical data

Controlled axes 5
Payload 2 kg
Maximum working range R = 900 mm
Repet. pos. accuracy ±0.5
Weight 72 kg
Power supply average 2.0 kVA


The MOTOMAN MPP3 4-axis high-speed robot with parallel kinematic system combines the speed of the delta design with a high payload capacity and a large working range. Due to the high torque of the fourth axis, the so-called wrist axis, the MOTOMAN MPP3 moves payloads of up to 3 kg at unprecedented speeds.
The new ‘MPP3’ delta robot for demanding picking tasks rounds out the MOTOMAN product range from Yaskawa. It was developed for the fields of order picking, high-speed picking and other handling applications, and is used primarily in the food and solar industries.

MOTOMAN MPP3 pick and place robot

The MOTOMAN MPP3 in action

Key benefits

  • Payloads with unprecedented speed: 
    – 140 cycles per minute with 3 kg payload 
    – 230 cycles per minute with 1 kg payload
  • Total stroke of 500 mm with a working range of 1300 mm
  • High-precision, high-speed conveyor tracking
  • Maximum machine accuracy
  • Space-saving installation directly above the conveyor
  • Protection classification IP65

Technical data

Controlled axes 4
Payload 3 kg
Maximum working range R = 1300 mm
Repet. pos. accuracy ±0.1
Weight 115 kg
Power supply average 21.5 kVA
Repet. rotational accuracy of T-axis [arc x min–1] ±1
IP class IP65