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Recent projects

PACE install ’12 bag per minute’ potato hopper/weigher and bagger

PACE Mechanical Handling has recently completed the installation of its latest reconfigured twin weigher in to a large potato growers near Spalding, the Pacer MK II Twin Tank Hopper and Electronic Weigher.

Watch the video of the hopper/weigher in action!

The MK II, an upgraded edition of PACE’s earlier highly successful weigher, is capable of an increased throughput of 18 tonnes an hour (12 bags per minute) and comfortably meets the customer’s requirement of weighing, bagging and stitching 100 tonnes a day.

100% stitch fulfilment

Notable advances on earlier versions of the old style clamping device for bagging now includes 100% stitch fulfilment, along with electronic weighing scales highly tuned for accuracy.

Reliable and easy to use

The Pacer MK II Twin Tank Hopper Weigher, noted for its reliability and improved ease of use, weighs and transfers the correct weight on to a cross conveyor which feeds directly into the presented bag. Following an impressively fast and accurate stitch the bag proceeds onto a pallet, neatly stacked by one of PACE’s mechanical handling robots.

Photo gallery

Photographs of the hopper/weigher in final tests at PACE headquarters before installation.

For more information about PACE Mechanical Handling’s system solutions, including Pacer MKII and the range of mechanical handling robots, please email: or call Nick Cesare on +44 (0) 1775 630 900.

4 Axis Robot makes light work of liquid fertilizer cartons

The new MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot excels in the application of palletizing cartons of liquid fertilizer in various size cartons.

MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot

MOTOMAN MPL100 4 Axis Robot

All programming is through a touch screen display and the vacuum suction head makes easy work of different configurations of carton layers on the pallet. The gripper head has a slip sheet application fitted with distance finder sensor. The MOTOMAN robot is able to achieve up to 15 moves per minute if required.

6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for sand and gravel sacks

PACE Mechanical Handling recently replaced old ABB M94 robots for a new Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for palletizing sacks of sand and gravel.

PACE Mechanical Handling's new Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot with new adjustable gripper for palletizing sacks of sand and gravel.
Motoman ES165D-100 6 axis robot for sand and gravel palletising

More pack sizes, easier control

The company’s MD commented “Replacing the old robot was the best thing we could do, as the number of different size packs have increased over the years and the old robot could not keep up with the amount of bags we now pack. The larger touch screen gives us easy program changes and makes the new MOTOMAN a more user friendly robot system”.

Quick installation

“We are delighted as Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd installed and programmed the new robot within a week of delivery”.