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MOTOMAN MH3F ‘Pick and Place’ Robot

PACE’s smallest type of their “Material Handling” robots is the new YASKAWA MOTOMAN MH3F, a small but powerful and high speed 6-axis robot with a reach of 532 mm.

Yaskawa Motoman MH3F pick and place robot

It is designed for applications with a payload up to 3 kg and is ideally suited when space is at a premium. Typical applications for this robot are pick and place or packaging. Its high repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm also makes it an excellent robot for assembly tasks.

Collision avoidance function

The base width is only 170 mm, which means that the cell size can be kept to a minimum especially when several robots are working in the same facility. Reliability of all YASKAWA’s robots is very high and this is further enhanced by the cable management system which is routed inside the body of the robot arm. A very useful feature is the collision avoidance function that eliminates the risk of robots colliding with each other due to programming errors.

Compact controller

This robot is controlled from the compact FS100 controller, which only measures 169 x 315 x 50 mm. This is an energy efficient and high performance robot controller with an open architecture that makes it possible for the user to access robot interfaces and motions externally via a PC or PLC. In addition the user can develop their own applications or allow the controller to function as a slave of the higher-level controller in a line. This means that the robot can be programmed in a customary PLC language. The controller also handles real-time processing of sensor signals, reactions to camera information and other high-speed applications.

Key benefits

  • Excellent value for money makes this an affordable robot
  • 6 axes design provides high flexibility
  • 3 kg payload is ideal for light duty handling and process applications
  • High repeatability delivers accurate process
  • Compact body design with internally routed services allow for small installation footprint
  • Floor, wall and ceiling mountingoptions provide integration flexibility

Technical data

Controlled axes 6
Payload 3 kg
Maximum working range R = 532 mm
Repet. pos. accuracy ±0.03
Weight 27 kg
Power supply average 0.5 kVA

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