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The Pacer MK II Twin Tank Hopper Electronic Weigher

PACE Mechanical Handling - Potato Twin Tank Hopper and Electronic Weigher

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The New Pacer MKII, an electronic weigher with a user-friendly display, is capable of weighing from 10kg up to 25kg of root crops at up to 18 tonnes per hour with 25kg size sacks, and can comfortably weigh, bag and stitch up to 100 tonnes a day.

Heavy duty black rubber belts feed produce into two electronic weigh hoppers mounted on three load cells, giving precise weighing to the last object fed into the hopper. The cross conveyor positioned under the hoppers provide an extra weighment to increases throughput. A self adjusting sack clamp offers ease of use when presenting different size sacks. Following an impressively fast and accurate stitch the bag can then be fed onto a pallet and neatly stacked by one of PACE’s mechanical handling robots. Independent belt adjustment and heavy duty framework offers the user durability and reliability.

Noted reliability and improved ease of use

Notable advances on earlier versions of the old style clamping device for bagging now includes 100% stitch fulfilment, along with electronic weighing scales highly tuned for accuracy. The Pacer MK II Twin Tank Hopper Electronic Weigher/Bagger is noted for its reliability and improved ease of use.

Additional Features

  • Fully Programmable electronic control display
  • Load cell weighing
  • Self-adjusting sack clamp
  • Cross conveyor feed
  • Complete interface for working with Orion Sack Placer

Technical Data

Capacity 10kg 16 Pack/min
20kg 15 Pack/min
25kg 12 Pack/min
Options Weighing 5kg – 25kg packs
Variable Speed Belts
Air requirements Connection    1/4″ Hose
Min. Pressure   6 bar/80 psi
Air Consumption   5cfm
Electrical Requirements Total Consumption
2 Kw 380/440v/50hz
2 kw 220/240/50hz
Connection 3 phase + earth+Netural
1 phase + earth
Noise Level 50dba (A)
Total Net Weight 950 kg

Watch the video of the hopper/weigher/bagger in action for a Spalding potato grower!

Photo gallery

Photographs of the hopper/weigher in final tests at PACE headquarters.

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