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Custom-built robotic solutions, suitable for all types of applications

Robotic palletising

Robotic palletising

Our palletising solutions integrate cutting-edge Yaskawa Motoman robots with custom-designed machinery to produce reliable, easy-to-use palletising systems. Suitable for heavy materials, our palletising machines maintain production efficiency.

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Pick and place automation

Using sophisticated Yaskawa Motoman delta robots, our bespoke pick and place solutions are designed to grasp, lift, position and place items precisely, whatever shape or size.

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Pick and Place Automation
Open sack filling

Collaborative robots

Innovative 6 axes human-collaborative robot for precision handling of payloads of up to 10 kg, cobots are a flexible solution that can be mounted on wall or floor without the need for safety fencing, saving on space and costs. Power and force limit technology and carefully designed geometry prevent unsafe contact and entrapment. A time-saving collaborative learning capability enables the operator to guide the robot arm and gripper by hand to register operation positions using Motoman’s ‘Easy Teaching’ switch box.

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Open sack filling

Using a combination of Yaskawa Motoman articulated arm robots and customised handling equipment adds versatility to open sack filling solutions. Our machines can handle any size of pre-made sack, with flexible options with sealing to meet your requirements.

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Open sack filling
Conveyors and rollers

Conveyors and rollers

Our pallet and sack conveyors are manufactured to suit your requirements with various widths and lengths, designed with the ability to move empty or fully loaded pallets using quality Interroll Rollers.

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Gripper attachments

Standard bag grippers can be fitted to include pallet lifting attachments, with the options of electric drive. Either single or double gripped, our attachments are installed to meet your requirements.

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Gripper attachments


Providing expert support throughout design, build and operation


Our design process is the simple combination of understanding your business’ challenge, using our vast experience in the application of robotics, combined with our strength in robotic programming to produce a fully customised robotic handling solution.

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Our team of expert engineers build, program and test your custom-made robotic solution before installation, ensuring seamless integration with minimum production downtime.

Following installation we provide in-depth onsite training for your staff.

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After installation of your system, we provide annual servicing to ensure the equipment is working at its maximum efficiency.

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Emergency Support

We provide 24/7 telephone support to check settings and can even perform some repairs remotely. If we determine a mechanical repair is necessary, we send a qualifies engineer to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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