Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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Pace began by supplying systems incorporating affordable, high-quality second hand ABB robots; our more recent solutions utilise new Yaskawa Motoman robots, which allow us to provide our customers with the latest advances in robotic technology.

Automatic sack placer and CBC “Complete Bag Control” Stitcher line

By working to our customers’ business requirements, applying our thorough understanding of the application of robotics and robot programming in our chosen fields (palletising, pick and place, and open sack filling), and with our ability to design and produce bespoke auxiliary equipment (including electronic weighing, automated sack placing, and sack closing machinery), Pace offer a uniquely customised, cost-effective and reliable service.

Palletising products

  • Motoman MPL160 robot palletiser MOTOMAN MPL160
    The innovative, 4-axis palletizing robot MPL160 with it´s payload of 160 kg is a dynamic masterful mover and stands out due to it´s...
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  • Motoman MPL 100 palletising robot MOTOMAN MPL100
    The four-axis MPL100 ‘Master Palletizing’ robot has fast axial speeds and acceleration which reduces cycle times and increases production output....
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  • Robot palletising system with two pallet layout MOTOMAN ES165D
    The MOTOMAN-ES165D is a versatile, high-speed 6-axis robot offering superior performance in material handling, machine tending and press tending....
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Pick and place products

  • MOTOMAN MH3F Pick and Place MOTOMAN MH3F ‘Pick and Place’ Robot
    PACE's smallest 'material handling' robot is the MOTOMAN MH3F, a small but powerful and high speed 6-axis robot with a reach of 532...
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  • MOTOMAN MPK2 pick and place robot MOTOMAN MPK2
    The MOTOMAN MPK2 is a five-axis, high-speed robot that is particularly suitable in the following areas: order-picking, high-speed handling, picking-packingpalletizing and many other...
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  • MOTOMAN MPP3 pick and place robot MOTOMAN MPP3
    The MOTOMAN MPP3 4-axis high-speed robot with parallel kinematic system combines the speed of the delta design with a high payload capacity and...
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  • PACE pick and place robot systems MOTOMAN MH5LS and MH5LF
    The MH5LS/MH5LF is a compact, high-speed 6-axis robot that offers superior performance in a variety of applications such as packaging, material handling, machine...
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Open sack filling

Auxiliary equipment

  • PACE suction gripper Gripper Attachments
    Standard bag grippers which when fitted can have pallet lifting attachments to suit any application, options of electric drive width adjustment. Double grippers...
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  • PACE conveyor Pallet Conveyors
    Moving empty or fully loaded pallets using quality Interroll Rollers designed and manufactured to suit all requirements....
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  • PACE auxiliary equipment - Conveyor and roller flatner Roller Flattener
    Sack conditioning for levelling and flattening using heavy duty drive rollers with smooth rubber lining, manual or electric drive adjustment....
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  • PACE auxiliary equipment - Pickup conveyor Conveyors
    Sack conveyors manufactured to suit your requirements with various width and lengths....
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  • PACE auxiliary equipment - Bag turner Bag Turners
    Option of inline bag turners or end of conveyor wedge style sack kicking...
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