Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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Solutions – Overview

PACE provide robotic handling solutions for all types of applications.

If you need to palletise sacks or cartons of heavy, bulky materials ready to be taken away by forklift, choose a PACE palletising solution.  To grasp, lift, position and place items precisely, we offer PACE pick and place solutions.  And if you need to fill any size and type of pre-made sack, a PACE open sack filling solution can also incorporate a stitcher or sealer, and a palletiser, if required.

PACE solutions integrate advanced robots with auxiliary mechanical equipment, some of it standard, some of it designed in-house, to provide each customer with a robust, easy-to-use, and reliable customised solution.

Robotic palletising systems from PACE

Robotic palletising

PACE palletising solutions lift and palletises sacks of heavy, bulky materials with maximum efficiency and improved health and safety.
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Pick and place robotic systems from PACE

Pick and place

PACE pick and place solutions can safely be deployed alongside your workforce to achieve maximum throughput.
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Open sack filling systems from PACE

Open sack filling

PACE open sack filling solutions handle any size and type of pre-made sack, and may be used in conjunction with stitchers, sealers and palletisers.
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Bag flateners, bale conveyors from PACE

Auxiliary equipment

PACE solutions combine robots with the appropriate auxiliary equipment, which may be designed in-house to our customer’s requirements.
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