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Robotic palletising of wood shaving bales

The requirement

A producer of quality rotary dried pine shavings for equine bedding, which is compacted into bales for palletising, required a new system for better efficiency. The Managing Director commented “Stacking pallets with these bales to a height of over two metres is a challenge for anyone, and with limited space I need the reliability of a new robot palletiser to run my business efficiently”.

The solution

The New Motoman Robot with its three metre reach was more than able to do the job. The system put in place consists of a New Motoman ES165D-100 Robot 100kg capacity with 3010mm of reach, with a twin cell system of a pallet positioned to the left and right of the robot. Empty pallets are positioned inside the cells and once a pallet is completely loaded the robot will switch to the other empty pallet to start loading.

An operator will then remove the loaded pallet and replace it with another empty pallet. A HMI hand machine interface touch screen is used for starting, and stopping the system. A menu provides the available programs, diagnostics and service information is also on the screen. Modem and off-site monitoring is standard equipment on all of our systems. The robot is able to produce up to 12 bales per minute subject to the available speed of the baling machine. This robot system is an efficient way of saving space, labour and handling, addressing health and safety and increasing output.

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