Mechanical handling and robotic palletising
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PACE services

Using proven, branded equipment like Yaskawa Motoman robots and CE-approved components ensures reliability; customising the solution means that the system does exactly what you want it to do, and is as flexible as you need it to be, providing a range of pre-defined programs, presented on an easy-to-use menu.

PACE installation services


Once we have a clear view of your business requirements, PACE use proven engineering and programming skills to design, build, program and test the solution on our own premises before we install it on yours.

Following installation, we re-test, make any necessary adjustments, and provide full operator training for your staff.

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PACE maintenance and servicing


Under PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment) regulations, mechanical handling equipment should be checked yearly. With a PACE maintenance contract, you can pre-book a visit from one of our engineers, who will ensure that your system is working safely and with optimum efficiency.

Older systems, including second hand robots, benefit from yearly preventative maintenance.

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PACE emergency servicing 24/7

Emergency maintenance

A robotic handling system is a key part of any business and, if a problem should arise, quick, efficient repair is essential. PACE provide 24/7 telephone support.

If remote access was part of your initial specification, we can consult logs, check settings, and perform certain types of repair over the telephone. If we determine that a mechanical repair is necessary, we will undertake to have a qualified engineer with you by an agreed time.

A maintenance contract can include provision of a locked box of spare parts, to be kept at your premises, to expedite emergency repairs.

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