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SP MK II Sack Placer

PACE SP MK II Sack Placer

For more information about PACE Mechanical Handling’s system solutions, including the SP MK II Sack Placer and the range of mechanical handling robots, please email: or call Nick Cesare on: +44 (0)1775 630 900.

The New SP MKII Sack Placer/Presenter is suitable for automatically presenting single sacks to a self-adjusting clamp.

Paper or plastic sacks can be positioned onto the sack magazine with a holding capacity of up to 300 sacks. Operation is by picking the rear of the sack then a motorised web peels the sack from the stack enablling clean pick up of the sack. The sack is then presented open mouth first to the stretch arms and is opened by two heavy duty guided cylinders. The stretch arms are motorised with an electric motor so that adjustment can be made with the rotation via the HMI screen.

Total control

Plc and HMI control and inverter drives give the operator total control and ease of adjustment.

Technical Data

Capacity 15 bags per minute
Air requirements Connection
Min. Pressure
Air Consumption
Options 1/4″ Hose
6 bar/80 psi
ATEX Rated
Electrical Requirements Total Consumption
1.5 Kw 380/440v/50hz
1.5 kw 220/240/50hz
Connection 3 phase + earth + Netural
1 phase + earth
Noise level 50dba (A)
Weight 675 kg

Photo gallery

Photographs of the Complete Bag Control Automatic Sack Closing System in final tests at PACE headquarters.

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